Marnie Adler

I went to my first mat Pilates class and I was BORED!!!! So so very bored…until the end. It was in the final moments when she instructed us to rebuild our spine one vertebrae and a time, when I suddenly felt 10 feet taller, my core still engaged and active, all at the same time as feeling relaxed? I continued to go. Twice a week and BOOM my body responded, changed, leaned out, toned and I was hooked. Friends commented about my arms, and asked what was I doing? Lifting weights? “Nope” I said. I haven’t touched an actual dumbbell in almost 7 years.

Exercises using my own body resistance, some incredibly useful props and BAM I was a Pilates fanatic and I told everyone. Friends who are trainers laughed at the idea and others said that without a real sweat they just don’t get enough of a workout….they are now some of my clients.

Marnie's goal is to provide an upbeat, motivating, fun and energized environment that pushes you to be your best - she is truly passionate about exercise!